Although teachers love the choice of words, carefully constructed phrases, and font styling that help their students read successfully, for the readers the magic is in the beloved characters to whom they can easily relate… sharing their adventures, struggles, and celebrations.

Get to know the MaryRuth Books characters and see why teachers, parents, and, most importantly, children have fallen in love with them.

danny the yellow lab


Trustworthy, compassionate and funny… Danny is a classroom favorite. Get to know Danny and hear what others are saying about him.

Meet Danny

baby elephant

Baby Elephant

Curious, sweet and innocent… Baby Elephant loves to swim and loves to eat, just like many of his readers. Learn more about Baby Elephant.

Meet Baby Elephant



The funny, resourceful and talented… Fish is one of Danny’s long-time friends. Get to know Fish and his stories.

Meet Fish

lucky the pony

Lucky the Pony

Lucky the Pony is gentle, playful and full of mischief! As is the case with all ponies, children love him. Learn about Lucky the Pony and read his stories.

Meet Lucky the Pony

abby the yellow lab


Strong, creative, wise… Abby loves to play make believe. She is an old soul, wise beyond her years. Abby is accepting of cats and all breeds of dogs.

Meet Abby



Gentle, cautious, thoughtful… Norman is pure of spirit, intuitive, and in possession of a great sense of smell.

Meet Norman


Chickens and the Fox

The fox spends all of his time plotting and planning. The chickens go about their lives, always watchful of the fox.

Meet Chickens and the Fox

lucky the pony


Quiet, funny, fearless… Bee is, first and foremost, busy! Imaginative and daring, Bee is always up for a new adventure with Danny.

Meet Bee