Children become good readers by practicing. One of the most important ways to encourage reading is to have books available to early readers that provide the right amount of both support and challenge.

A leveled reading library consists of books organized by level of difficulty, from easy books for beginners to more complex books for advanced readers. Having a leveled library helps in selecting books for groups of children, and the leveling system provides a way to assess a child’s progress over time. The library should include multiple texts within each level, in both fiction and nonfiction. Offering variety encourages young readers to expand their base knowledge, as well as provides them with opportunities to improve by testing their reading skills in a flexible way and for different purposes.

The leveled sets offered by MaryRuth Books have been complied from books independently evaluated by Accelerated Readers®, Fountas & Pinnell, and Reading Recovery®.

RESOURCES: Fountas, Irene, and G.S. Pinnell. Guided Reading: Good First Teaching for All Children. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann Educational, 1991.