Bee’s Birthday Special

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Be a Good Reader and a Good Seeder with Bee’s Birthday Special. Throughout the month of March, get 5 Bee books, a plush mini-Bee, and a packet of Bee-Friendly seeds, for only $25.

The five books include 3 fiction titles–Dandelion Danny (F&P Level D), Danny’s Garden Lap Book (F&P Level E), and Danny Looks for a Honeybee Yard (F&P Level G)–and the nonfiction/informational titles–Botanist Danny (F&P Level E) and Summer in the Woods (F&P Level H).

Each of the 5 books Dandelion Danny, Danny’s Garden Lap Book, Danny Looks for a Honeybee Yard, Botanist Danny, and Summer in the Woods has a lesson plan available online as a free download.

Guided reading levels are based on independent evaluation by Fountas & Pinnell using the F&P Text Level Gradient. The increasing levels support and encourage young readers as they progress from Emergent to Upper Emergent readers.

All 5 books have been evaluated by Accelerated Reader® and each has an Accelerated Reader® test online to help educators and parents evaluate a young reader’s comprehension skill. ATOS levels range from a level of 0.6 to 1.4.

Coordinating Activities
  • A FREE packet of Bee-Friendly seeds is included with each order during Bee’s birthday month of March. Use your seeds to start an herb garden with our hands-on Herbs for Honeybees Classroom Activity. Additional growing instructions are included here.
  • Look at all the pictures of Bee in the March honeycomb calendar and see how many you can match to the corresponding MaryRuth Books title.
  • Can you guess the science riddle? I am an animal who never stops working. My work helps produce the seeds and fruit that feed many creatures, yet I eat no plants or animals myself. 
  • Learn how to examine flowers like a botanist with this free downloadable activity.
  • Coloring may seem like a simple task, but there are many learning benefits associated with the activity. Coloring helps children develop finger grip (necessary for holding a pencil for writing)  and aids in the development of fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Coloring requires concentration and the ability to focus on a task. It also encourages color awareness and creativity by allowing children to explore how different color combinations change the appearance of the picture. Download our Bee coloring page here. Give Bee a birthday hat to make the picture even more fun!


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