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100 Book Collection (DC100): $500.00
600 Book Collection (DCC600): $3,000.00
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The Danny Collection (DC100) of 100 books includes: a copy of each title in the 14 Danny sets, the four titles in Scientist Danny, the six titles in Danny and Grandma Ruth, the four titles in In the Woods with Danny and Bee set, and a copy each of Danny and Heather Share and Danny and Norman’s Favorite Knock Knock Jokes. The collection is designed to help young children become successful, strategic readers and writers.

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The titles in the Danny Collection range in guided reading levels from A to J, making it an economical way to both engage early readers and encourage their advancement. To continue reading about Danny and his friends, young readers must progressively improve their reading skills. Integrate MaryRuth Books into your classroom library with Danny Collection Printable Labels that include both Intervention/Reading Recovery® and Fountas & Pinnell reading levels. Level labels are formatted to print on the Avery Easy Peel® 5160 Labels template.

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The Danny Classroom Collection (DCC600) includes six-packs of each of the titles for a total of 600 books. It’s a great way to get Danny for the whole class.

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14 reviews for Danny Collection

  1. Jennifer

    I had a boy who was very reluctant to read. After finding the Danny books, he began recommending them to other students in his class. These books are great because the dogs are relatable. The kids love them.

  2. Kim

    I love your books and so do my students! Thanks for all you do to support our young readers!
    – Kim, First Grade Teacher, Auburn Hills, MI

  3. April

    We just started using MaryRuth books at our school. We purchased the Danny Collection and we LOVE it! The kids love the silly antics of Danny and Bee. I personally love the books with Danny and Grandma Ruth. All of the Danny stories are so fun and I know the kids will enjoy learning with them next year. Thanks! We LOVE the books!

  4. Sara

    The “Danny” series are a favorite among my Reading Recovery students. I think it’s the real-life character of Danny and reading about the silly things Danny can do that is so motivating to them. Many of my students have a pet, so they can make connections to this character.

  5. Worthington City Schools

    I use books from the Danny series. They are the only Mary Ruth books I have, but students love them. I enjoy using them because it helps to have familiar characters, none of them are too lengthy, and I feel like they are leveled appropriately and challenge students just enough. The pictures are supportive but don’t give away too much and still allow for problem solving. Kids also like writing about Danny, and I’ve had some make their own Danny stories in roaming.

  6. Traci

    My students love animal characters. They especially love Danny because he reminds them of their dog, their friends dog, a dog that they might have in their lives. The size of the books is great, very user friendly. The font is good too. The pictures and art work are engaging and realistic which I think the kids appreciate.

  7. Mary Kay Claus

    HI – I just wanted you to know that a series of “Danny” books has been donated to Oak Marr RECenter in Oakton, Va (outside of Washington D.C.). We are going to use them in our child care center. They are just adorable!

  8. Marilyn, Retired Teacher, Maine

    Your Danny series of books is just perfect for the students with whom I work. And I am speaking as a retired teacher who taught for 39 years.

  9. Trish Bertelsen

    Thank you so much for everything! The Danny books have truly transformed our library and have our students loving to read! I am inserting a link to a birthday book the students made using Book Creator. We celebrated Danny’s birthday here in the library so the book shows you pictures of the party as well as all our birthday wishes for Danny. This is our second year with the Danny books and we love them. The students love the Danny bookmarks too!
    Happy Birthday Danny Book –UWE K-2 birthday celebration!

  10. Jennifer

    I have been a reading teacher for 27 years, and I have never found a character or a series of books that alights the imaginations of my students like the Danny books. I was lucky enough to discover them last year, and the kids were so excited about each new Danny adventure that I shared with the class. Even better, there were so many Danny books that emergent readers could read with success. My students got a great deal of enjoyment out of reading about Danny, writing stories about him, and drawing pictures of Danny and all of his friends. Their enthusiasm for the stories has inspired me to dedicate a portion of my classroom as “Danny’s Reading Corner,” which will feature every Danny book I can get my hands on and stuffed versions of Danny and his friends for students to read to. Thank you MaryRuth books for providing these fabulous, sweet, engaging stories. There are such a wonderful way to help foster a lifelong love of reading!

  11. Joy Tamburino

    My students absolutely love the Danny Books. This year I received an email about Danny’s Birthday. When I shared this news with my students, they were so excited to write to Danny. My current Reading Recovery students wrote letters to Danny. They also included a photo and a drawing. We hope you like our letters as much as we enjoy your books.

  12. Linda

    Our most vulnerable population are our youngest readers who do not have access to just-right text. I cannot tell you how valuable these resources are!

  13. Sarah

    My extremely bright 2e daughter struggles with reading and has always required significant prompting and direct supervision in order to read for herself even though she devours audiobooks at the 4th and 5th grade level. She finds most early readers boring because they are so far below her spoken vocabulary and language level. We got a random Danny book put in our library request as a substitute. That began a summer of reading where we checked out every Danny book the library had and my daughter read them all, multiple times and regularly without prompting or supervision. The reading level was where she needed it to be, but the related content between books created a story world that held her more advanced interests. This helped her reading fluency drasticly improve over a short period of time. We are planning to move on to the Danny Chapter Books for her reading in the fall. Danny definitely played a huge part in improving her reading fluency. I would love to see even more advanced Danny chapter books.

  14. Carol Ann

    We love your books!

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