Danny the Dog Hand Puppet

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Size: 10"
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The 10″ Danny the Dog Puppet has yellow fur, dark brown eyes, and a pink tongue… just like Danny. The puppet has a moveable mouth and comes wearing Danny’s signature red scarf with his name embroidered in yellow. The mild-mannered Danny the Dog Puppet can be transformed into Super Danny by simply changing the scarf to Danny’s super cape.

Puppets are fun in the classroom and perfect for grabbing and holding a young student’s attention. They’re also effective tools for developing language skills and teaching storytelling. Incorporating puppets into play-based early learning can help students retain knowledge more effectively. The puppets become a tool for sharing or retelling what students have learned and observed. A puppet can also help a teacher who is trying to stress enunciation and demonstrate proper pronunciation to students.

Primary students who are working on their oral development can benefit from puppets in the classroom. For children who feel intimidated when speaking up in class, speaking via a puppet shifts the attention away from them and onto the puppet. Through practice with the puppet, shy students can gradually grow more confident with public speaking.



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1 review for Danny the Dog Hand Puppet

  1. Leslie

    “I use a Danny puppet in my room for blending. The puppet says, ‘Caaaaa……..Aaaaat’ and the kids shout ‘CAT!’ We also do compound words.”
    –Leslie, Reading Teacher from Salem III School District, Salem, IL

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