Dry Erase Whiteboard

Single (1-DEWB): $3.00
4-PK (PK4-DEWB): $10.00
Size: 12 x 9
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Students are more likely to retain information when they write it down. Our 3mm thick dry erase whiteboards are a reusable, paperless solution for cooperative learning activities and skill checks. At 12 x 9″ they are large enough for working out problems, but small enough for little hands.

Dry erase whiteboards are a fun, easy way to keep students engaged and excited about learning.

They are ideal for practicing vocabulary words, writing long answers, brainstorming, working math problems, or drawing diagrams. Each reusable, single-sided melamine coated whiteboard comes with a dry erase marker and an eraser.

Purchase whiteboards individually ($3.00) or in packs of 4 ($10.00).


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