An Elephant-astic September Special

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We’re celebrating Baby Elephant’s September birthday with a JUMBO set of 9 elephant titles- fiction and nonfiction- for only $40.00. 

Titles in the September set include 6 illustrated fiction books about Baby Elephant and 3 nonfiction/informational books about real life elephants. Pairing fiction and nonfiction titles that are about the same subject exposes readers to different literacy formats. It gives young readers a variety of ways to engage with information and can help them better understand the attributes of each genre.

The 6 Baby Elephant titles included in the September set are 8.5 x 11″ lap-size books. The nonfiction/informational zoo books are 7.25 x 6.25″ and feature original photography of elephants. During the month of September, get all nine books for $40 (less than $4.50 each).

All of the 9 titles have been evaluated and leveled by Fountas & Pinnell as appropriate for Early Emergent (levels A-C) to Early Fluent readers (levels I-M). Guided reading levels are based on the F&P Text Level Gradient. Offering readers titles of increasing levels provides support and encouragement as they progress. Each of the books also has a lesson plan available online as a free download.


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Titles Included in the Elephant-astic September Special

5 Early Emergent Titles: Lunch for Baby Elephant 1/A, Baby Elephant’s Trunk 2/B, Calves at the Zoo 2/B, Loud and Quiet at the Zoo 2/B, Baby Elephant Goes for a Swim 4/C

2 Emergent Titles: Baby Elephant Runs Away 5/D, Berries for Baby Elephant 8/E

1 Upper Emergent Title: Baby Elephant is Thirsty 12/H

1 Early Fluent Titles: Elephants at the Zoo 22/I



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