Farm Animals, May “Kindness“ Special

Single Book (15) (FARMSPEC): $77.00 $50.00
6-Pack Each (90 books) (PKFARMSPEC): $462.00 $300.00
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The first full week of May is observed as Be Kind to Animals Week. It’s the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history, and has helped teach generations of children the importance of treating all living things with kindness and compassion. To celebrate, we’re offering a combined set of 15 farm animal titles for up to a 38% savings. The special set includes the 6 nonfiction/informational books in Favorite Farm Animals and the 9 illustrated fiction books in Down on the Farm. You may purchase either farm animal set individually, but the combined set is a MaryRuth Books best value. Special pricing is good through May 31.


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