February Winter Special

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In February it’s cold where Danny lives and the perfect weather for reading indoors. All month long we’ll be offering six frosty titles for a special price of $25, to encourage students to use their senses to explore the winter weather. Titles included in the set are: Danny’s Groundhog Day, Danny and Norman’s Snowman, Winter in the Woods with Danny and Bee, Snow Danny, and the nonfiction/informational titles Penguins at the Zoo and Polar Bears at the Zoo.

We’re continuing the Five Senses Theme each month throughout 2020 with a monthly calendarclassroom activity, and different collection of specially selected books to keep students engaging with the world around them.

Take advantage of special pricing on 6-packs of the Danny and Bee Writing Journals to encourage writing. Aspiring authors can use the lined or unlined journals to record observations, write down thoughts, and illustrate experiences. Have students begin by reading Danny’s Five Senses, where Danny uses all of his five senses to experience Dad’s birthday cake. Download the worksheet, Introduction to Understanding the Five Senses for students to copy and complete as their first journal entry. The download contains suggestions of other journal prompts about the five senses to keep ideas flowing and the writing going.


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