Five Senses Writing Journal Special

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Let Danny and Bee help you make sense of your senses in 2020 with fun journaling activities!

Our five senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch allow us to explore and interact with the world. The body parts that we use to experience these senses are the eyes for seeing, the nose for smelling, the tongue for tasting, the ears for hearing, and the skin for touching.

Each month throughout the year, MaryRuth Books will offer a themed calendar, a classroom activity, and a different collection of books to help students use their five senses to explore and engage with the world around them. Take advantage of special pricing on 6-packs of the Danny and Bee Writing Journals. Students can use the lined or unlined journals to record observations and illustrate experiences.

In January, students will enjoy reading Danny’s Five Senses, where Danny uses all of his five senses to experience Dad’s birthday cake. Then download the worksheet, Introduction to Understanding the Five Senses. Have students copy and complete the worksheet as their first journal entry. The download contains suggestions of other journal prompts about the five senses to keep ideas flowing and the writing going.

  • Our five sensing organs send information about our surroundings to our brain, helping us experience and understand the world. Get in touch with your senses with our seasonal scavenger hunts: winter, spring.
  • The tongue is used for talking and tasting. Download a hands-on activity for the reading classroom to explore the sense of taste.
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