Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book

Single Book (BEL24-49-5): $5.50
6-Pack (PKBEL24-49-5): $33.00
Size: 8.5 x 8.5
Word Count: 12
Pages: 12
Level: A/1
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Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book, the larger, lap-sized version of Lunch for Baby Elephant, is the perfect size for reading aloud with children who are just beginning to read on their own. In Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book, Baby Elephant is hungry. Mother Elephant teaches Baby Elephant how to find and eat the best leaves for lunch. Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book is an A leveled, Early Emergent reader.

Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book is part of the illustrated Baby Elephant Stories Lap Book set that includes six 8-1/2 x 8-1/2″ books. The titles, Lunch for Baby ElephantBaby Elephant’s Trunk, and Baby Elephant Goes for a Swim, can be read by Early Emergent readers(F&P levels A-C, Reading Recovery® levels 1-4). Baby Elephant Runs Awayand Berries for Baby Elephantare appropriate for Emergent readers(F&P levels D-E, Reading Recovery® levels 5-8). The increasing levels of reading difficulty serve to challenge and encourage progressing readers. Upper Emergent readerswill enjoy the final title in the set, Baby Elephant is Thirsty(F&P level H, Reading Recovery® level 12).

Level A Readers

Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book is an A leveled reader, Early Emergent category (Levels A-C). Level A titles are good choices for aspiring readers who are just beginning to understand books and the idea that written text conveys meaning. These young readers should be able to identify the upper and lower letters of the alphabet and recognize their corresponding sounds. Level A readers make predictions about what is happening in the story based on information in the pictures. They also self-monitor and self-correct using personal background knowledge. Level A titles can also support and encourage students who are struggling or reluctant to read.

Add a 2-sheet MRB Letter Set to any order for only $1.00 each set

The 8-1/2 x 11″ sheets are printed in 2-colors on sturdy 110# white index stock and designed to be a portable way for students to do letter or word work whether they’re learning at home or in the classroom. The set includes one sheet of upper case and one sheet of lower case letters, plus several blank tiles so the sheets can be customized. Vowels are printed in red. Consonants are printed in blue. The font used for the letter sheets is student-friendly. Printed dashed lines between the individual letter tiles make cutting them out easy.


Early Emergent Readers

Early Emergent readersbenefit from books about familiar topics that use carefully controlled text structureand repeated vocabulary. Illustrationsare important cues for readers at this level, supporting the decodingof new words. In addition to Baby Elephant, MaryRuth Books has other sets of titles that feature charming illustrated characters. Early Emergent readers are still building their vocabulary. Having a large vocabulary of high-frequency words enables reading that is more fluent and sounds like natural speaking language.

We, at MaryRuth Books, offer many fiction and nonfiction/informational titles that are suggested by reading specialists and used in the classrooms by Reading Recovery®and Guided Reading educators.












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1 review for Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book

  1. Lori

    “I love that these books are bigger. Some kids just need more space. The larger words (font) and space between them works for kids who have trouble with a smaller fonts.”
    –Lori, teacher from Fond Du Lac, WI

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