SPEC_All About Me, Unit 1

Single Books (6) (SPEC-EC1): $20.00
1 Each of 6 Books + Danny (SPEC-EC1+Danny): $30.00
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Our Early Childhood Education Units get young children ready for learning with meaningful activities that help them build the skills required to succeed in a classroom, gain self-confidence, and develop a love of learning.

The All About Me, Unit 1 comes with 6 lap-sized (8-1/2 x 8-1/2″) books, plus 6 corresponding lesson plans. Learning all about Danny in the series of lap-sized books included in the unit helps children explore who they are by exploring what is alike, and what is different, between them and their peers. Classroom discussion about the books provides an opportunity for young students to better understand themselves, build confidence, and develop self-esteem. The lessons culminate in hands-on activities in which students create their own “All About Me” book to share what they learn with classmates and families.

As part of the special, “My Very Own” Danny may be added to the books for only $10.00. Select the option that includes Danny from drop down menu.

The lap-sized books may also be purchased individually or as 6-pks (6 copies of one 8-1/2 x 8-1/2″ title). All of the titles are available in the smaller 5.5 x 5.5″ size, as well.




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