Story Sequencing Cards

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Danny has created a set of Story Sequencing Cards to practice sequencing in a story. Each package of 28 laminated 1-sided cards includes seven different sequences: Jumping into the Pool (3 scenes), Riding a Rocket (3 scenes), Getting a Haircut (4 scenes), Butterfly Life Cycle (4 scenes), Dog Growth Timeline (4 scenes), Counting to Five (5 scenes), and Making a Bee Craft (5 scenes). Put the cards in order to match the stories in the books.

The companion books are Danny’s Rocket, Hold Still, Danny!, Danny and the Monarch Butterfly, Danny’s Timeline, Puppy Danny, Five Danny Dogs, Danny Makes a Mask, and The Swim Lesson. Danny’s Rocket, Danny’s Timeline, and Puppy Danny are also available in a larger 8.5″ lapbook size.

You can purchase the cards and companion books as a complete Story Sequencing Cards Set.

Sequencing is the ability to identify the components of a story: beginning, middle, and end. Understanding the sequence of events in a text is an important comprehension strategy, especially for narrative texts. Sequencing is also a key part of problem-solving across subjects. Understanding how to build a sequence also helps students develop basic scientific inquiry skills.

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