Story Sequencing Cards

Individual Product: $8.95
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Sequencing is being able to identify and retell, in order, the main parts of a story — the beginning, middle, and end. Understanding sequencing increases a student’s ability to comprehend what they have read. Recognizing the idea of a progression of events (what comes first, next, and last) is an important component of problem-solving.

Each package of laminated 1-side Story Sequencing Cards includes 7 different sequences: Jumping into the Pool (3 scenes), Riding a Rocket (3 scenes), Getting a Haircut (4 scenes), Butterfly Life Cycle (4 scenes), Dog Growth Timeline (4 scenes), Counting to Five (5 scenes), and Making a Bee Craft (5 scenes) for a total of 28 cards. The companion books for the Story Sequencing Cards are: Danny’s Rocket (Rising a Rocket), Hold Still, Danny! (Getting a Haircut), Danny and the Monarch Butterfly (Butterfly Life Cycle), Danny’s Timeline and Puppy Danny (Dog Growth Timeline), Five Danny Dogs (Counting to Five), and Danny Makes a Mask (Making a Bee Craft). Danny’s Rocket, Danny’s Timeline and Puppy Danny are also available in the larger 8.5″ lap book size.


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