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In the Super Danny Board Book Gift Set, get a plush My Very Own Danny, wearing his red Super Danny cape, and a Super Danny Board Book. Read about how mild mannered Danny became Super Danny.

Additional gift sets featuring MaryRuth Books plush companions and coordinating books are available for Porter The Therapy DogPuppy Norman, and Lola.

This chunky little Super Danny Board Book is easy for tiny hands to handle. An engaging book with repeating words that children, who are just becoming readers, will practice reading again and again. The repeated phrasing helps children, who are just beginning to read, practice reading on their own. Very young children will enjoy holding the book and turning the pages while the story is read aloud to them until they can read it themselves.

In Super Danny, Danny collects some socks, goggles, and a red towel to use as a cape to create a very special costume … a very SUPER costume. Super Danny, part of Danny Returns Set 6, is a C leveled, Early Emergent title.

Super Danny can be found in the following Sets and Collections:
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