Having the right materials is a critical first step for teaching kids to read, but it’s only one small part of the equation. Reading becomes learning when students engage with the stories and text in multiple ways – and have fun doing it.

We have a variety of resources available that will help integrate our books into your classroom libraries and lesson plans.

MaryRuth Books Printables

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Danny Monthly Calendars Spark Students’ Curiosity

MaryRuth Books’ monthly calendars, featuring our beloved yellow lab Danny, are a great way to warm up the classroom, initiate discussion, and continue fostering a love of reading. The calendars show phases of the moon and astronomical events, as well as introducing the idea of a month’s flower and birthstone. Fun holidays are also highlighted.

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Organize Your Reading Library with Level Labels

Make integrating MaryRuth Books into your classroom reading library easy with printable book level labels for every title. Labels are formatted to print on standard Avery labels and include both reading intervention and guided reading levels.

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Lists for Everything You Want to Know about MaryRuth Books Titles

Do you want a list of MRB titles organized alphabetically? Download our list. Need titles with their corresponding ISBN? We’ve got a list for that too. Browse our lists to find the following: ATOS Titles (Books with Accelerated Reading® Tests), a Guided Reading Level Correlation Chart, a sortable Excel spreadsheet of titles in the Danny Collection, and the current Reading Recovery® Book List.

We also have printable lists of the titles included in each of the MRB Leveled Reading Sets- Early Emergent (Levels A-C), Emergent (Levels D-E), Upper Emergent (Levels F-H), and Early Fluent (Levels I-L)

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Increase Classroom Involvement with Active Learning

Young students learn best when they’re engaged and collaborative learning is a powerful way to engage students, while improving cooperation and communication skills.  Our classroom learning activities are fun ways to help students develop listening and thinking skills, as well as advance  manual dexterity. Active learning also encourages participation and dialogue in the classroom, providing excellent feedback for teachers. Watch for  a new activity each month.

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Purchase Digital Copies of MaryRuth Books

We partner with several vendors to offer our books in digital format. Visit the following sites to purchase digital copies of MaryRuth Books.

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