Are you wondering where a specific MaryRuth Books title falls across various reading leveling systems? This comparison chart will help make sense of it all. For each book, you can easily see:

  • Developmental Reading Assessment® (DRA) Level
  • Reading Recovery®/Reading Intervention Level
  • Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™/Guided Reading Level
  • Accelerated Reader® (AR) Level – ATOS

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The Adventures of Super Danny and Bat-Bee*18-2016K2.7986F
Alive or Not Alive, Danny?23B52F
All About Danny*12A33F
All About Danny Lap Book*12A33F
At Grandma Ruth's House*34C0.637F
Autumn in the Woods1413H1.7155NF
Baby Elephant Goes for a Swim*34C0.945F
Baby Elephant Goes for a Swim Lap Book*34C0.945F
Baby Elephant is Thirsty*1412H1.5188F
Baby Elephant is Thirsty Lap Book*1412H1.5188F
Baby Elephant Runs Away*45D1.058F
Baby Elephant Runs Away Lap Book*45D1.058F
Baby Elephant’s Trunk*22B36F
Baby Elephant’s Trunk Lap Book*22B36F
A Bath for Lucky*1411H1.7196F
Bats in Danny’s House*46D0.359F
Berries for Baby Elephant*6-88E1.693F
Berries for Baby Elephant Lap Book*6-88E1.693F
Birds Around the Pond*147H1.5105NF
A Birthday for Danny’s Bee*46D0.878F
Botanist Danny*6-85E0.659F
Brown Bears at the Zoo1413I1.7149NF
Camping Out*18-2018J2.4715F
Canada Geese Around the Pond*109F1.5113NF
The Cat Wants to Play*33C31F
Cats Like to Hide*34C36NF
Chicken Guard Dog1211G97F
The Chickens and the Fox*45D0.650F
Circus Fish107F0.780F
Cookies for Danny*45D0.358F
Counting Frogs Around the Pond12A33NF
Dandelion Danny*45D0.876F
Danny and Abby are Friends*6-87E0.7109F
Danny and Abby Play Hospital*6-86E0.860F
Danny and Abby Play Tag*6-87E0.774F
Danny and Bee Play Together*47D0.984F
Danny and Bee Play Together Lap Book*47D0.984F
Danny and Bee’s Book of Opposites44D0.362F
Danny and Bee’s Safety Rules*109F1.0120F
Danny and Bee’s Safety Rules Lap Book*109F1.0120F
Danny and Dad Go on a Picnic1413H1.7224F
Danny and Dad Go Shopping*34C0.869F
Danny and Dad Read*46D1.261F
Danny and Heather Share6-88E72F
Danny and Norman’s Snowman*6-87E0.9125F
Danny and The Big Race34C0.831F
Danny and the Bully*1414H1.6344F
Danny and the Corn Maze*45D47F
Danny and the Four Seasons*34C0.655F
Danny and the Little Bunny*46D1.278F
Danny and the Little Worm*1011G1.3174F
Danny and the Monarch Butterfly*1615I2.2282F
Danny and the Runaway Train*6-88E110F
Danny at the Car Wash6-810E0.7124F
Danny Can Sort*32C42F
Danny Follows the Signs6-88E98F
Danny Gets Fit*6-88E1.1177F
Danny Goes For a Walk*35D0.750F
Danny is a Big Dog*35C0.552F
Danny Likes Apples46D59F
Danny Likes Red*22B28F
Danny Likes Red Lap Book*22B28F
Danny Likes to Help*45D0.560F
Danny Likes to Help Lap Book*45D0.560F
Danny Looks for a Honeybee Yard*1214G1.4160F
Danny Looks for Abby*6-89E0.7120F
Danny Makes a Mask*35C0.567F
Danny Meets Norman*34C0.956F
Danny Paints a Picture*109F1.1117F
Danny the Dinosaur*23B31F
Danny, Bee and the Skunk*6-86E0.570F
Danny, Norman and the Turtle107F0.765F
Danny’s Bean Plant1212G119F
Danny’s Bee (the beginning)11A5F
Danny’s Big Adventure*18-2018J2.21254F
Danny’s Birthday Wishes*45D0.749F
Danny’s Birthday Wishes Lap Book*45D0.749F
Danny’s Castle46D0.561F
Danny’s Dinner*128G0.8142F
Danny’s Favorite Shapes*105F1.495F
Danny’s Five Little Pumpkins*33C51F
Danny’s Five Senses*45D52F
Danny’s Game of Sink or Float*46D1.192F
Danny’s Garden*6-88E1.167F
Danny’s Garden Lap Book*6-88E1.167F
Danny’s Groundhog Day*1010F0.8126F
Danny’s Hair is Everywhere*45D38F
Danny’s Hats*23B0.454F
Danny’s New Toy*6-87E0.870F
Danny’s New Toy Lap Book*6-87E0.870F
Danny’s Party*21B21F
Danny’s Picture Day*47D0.866F
Danny’s Really Big Show1212G143F
Danny’s Rocket*1212G1.1131F
Danny’s Rocket Lap Book*1212G1.1131F
Danny’s Shadow*36C0.876F
Danny’s Special Tree*24-2820M2.6400F
Danny’s Timeline*45D73F
Danny’s Timeline Lap Book*45D73F
Danny’s Toy Basket*22B37F
Danny’s Window*33C0.262F
The Drone1010F113F
Elephants at the Zoo1614I2.3124NF
Entomologist Danny105F0.777F
The Farm*22B56NF
A Fish Story34C51F
Five Danny Dogs*108F0.5122F
Flamingos at the Zoo1212G122NF
The Fort*1617I2.2523F
Geologist Danny*6-85E0.975F
Get Down Danny*32C32F
Giddyup Lucky*107F1.2128F
Giraffes at the Zoo*149H1.7124NF
A Goat*34C0.542NF
Grandma Ruth Feeds Her Friends*45D0.757F
Grandma Ruth’s Garden*34C0.833F
Grandma Ruth’s Glasses*34C34F
Halloween Danny*6-88E0.751F
Hold Still, Danny!47D75F
Horse Colors*21B23NF
I Am Danny*11A23F
I Like Flowers*22B35F
Little Pig*22B24F
Little Pig Gets Stuck*45D0.762F
Little Raccoon in My Yard33C28NF
Locked In*18-2018J2.5987F
Look at Danny*33C39F
Looking for a Pony*44D47F
The Lost Dog18-2018J766F
A Lucky Pony*47D0.676F
Lunch for Baby Elephant*11A12F
Lunch for Baby Elephant Lap Book*11A12F
My Name is Norman22B0.524F
My Yard22B26NF
A New Home For Fish*45D63F
Norman Hides from Danny*107F0.9113F
Norman is a Superhero6-86E0.758F
Norman Wants to Play with Danny*128G0.7121F
Norman’s First Halloween35C0.953F
Norman’s Loose Tooth*6-89E1.465F
A Peanut for the Little Chipmunk*6-87E1.497F
Penguins at the Zoo6-88E84NF
Pirate Fish6-87E1.380F
Polar Bears at the Zoo1413H141NF
The Pond23B48NF
Puppy Danny*6-87E1.6136F
Puppy Danny Lap Book*6-87E1.6136F
Rhinoceroses at the Zoo1212G124NF
Robins in My Yard22B30NF
Snow Danny*6-87E0.857F
Spring in the Woods1414H1.7146NF
Spy Danny*1614I1.6230F
Spy Danny Lap Book*1614I1.6230F
Summer in the Woods1413H1.4150NF
Super Danny*32C35F
Super Danny Board Book*32C35F
Tigers at the Zoo1412H1.6103NF
Tummy Trouble for Danny*35C0.650F
Turtles Around the Pond*36C1.159NF
A Week at Grandma Ruth’s*18-2020K3.21250F
Who’s in the Chicken Coop?*127G1.095F
Winter in the Woods18-2017J2.4223NF
The Woods23B32NF
The Yellow Coat34C46F
The Zoo*22A52NF

*Indicates book is on the Reading Recovery® Book List