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Project Night Night

To get us in the holiday spirit, MaryRuth Books joined forces with the wonderful charity, Project Night Night, to provide some much needed nighttime comfort for homeless children. Each year, Project Night Night donates over 25,000 Night Night Packages to children living in shelters. Children receive Night Night bags containing a security blanket, age-appropriate books, […]

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Attitude is Everything for the Holidays

The holidays can be overwhelming, but… as with so many things… attitude is everything. I dread hearing a month and a half of the same holiday music on a repeat loop. I don’t like the elf on the shelf. I think eggnog is disgusting. I’ll bet you have your own not-so-short list of pet peeves […]

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Surviving Cold Winters Through Migration, Hibernation, and Adaption

In the northern and much of the mid-western United States, we have hot summers and cold winters. Autumn begins with the September Equinox. The falling leaves usually signal falling temperatures. Individual animals survive the change in the seasons in different ways. Some animals migrate, which means they move from one region to another with the seasons, […]

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Reading for Comprehension – Finding the Main Idea

The main idea is the primary concept of a sentence and represents what the author is trying to say. Identifying main ideas, and working out the relationship between them and the supporting details, is the basis of reading comprehension. Recognizing the main idea is an important skill young readers need to master in order to […]

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Getting to Know You

When listening to teachers talk about starting a new school year, you’ll hear excited plans and fresh ideas. Teachers want to keep the good things from last year going, while making adjustments to help their classrooms run more smoothly and inspire young learners. The more teachers with whom you speak, the more wonderful and different […]

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Every New Beginning…

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.  ~ Seneca, Roman philosopher and statesman (4 BC–AD 65) Another summer is coming to an end and a new school year is about to begin. However you spent your summer, suddenly realizing that it’s fading can leave you feeling a bit wistful. You can’t help but […]

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What Do an Octopus and a Book Have in Common?

You shouldn’t judge either one by its appearance. Octopuses (or octopods, but never octopi or octopussies) embody everything creepy and mysterious about the sea. Recent news coverage about Inky, a young male octopus who cleverly escaped from the National Aquarium of New Zealand, provides us with a different perspective. Even though our bodies are very […]

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Get Outside This Summer and Enjoy Nature

Go out, go out I beg of you, And taste the beauty of the wild. Behold the miracle of the earth, With all the wonder of a child. ~ Edna Jaques, Canadian author and poet (1891-1978) According to polls that rank the popularity of the seasons, spring consistently tops summer. And despite debating if it’s […]

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Good-Bye Classroom, Hello Summer Reading

As with all good things, this school year is coming to an end. Teachers are busy making sure that students can pull together everything they’ ve learned about reading this year. Young readers need to feel con dent enough to continue reading and writing, on their own, all summer long. Before you send your students […]

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Teachers and Parents Can Team Up to Stop the Summer Slide

Summer learning loss is a perennial problem for educators. Current research suggests that over the summer break, students can lose up to 2-3 months of their reading ability It’s what educators refer to as the “ summer slide. ” The backward loss is most pronounced when children aren’t actively engaged in any educational activities. Disadvantaged […]

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