Individual Running Records for our leveled books are available for free Running Recordsdownload. Running Records for each single title may be downloaded from the the link on that title’s product page. Running Records for a set of titles, like Danny Sets 1-14, are available for download, as a set, on that set’s product page.

Running Records for MRB compiled sets may be downloaded from links on the individual set product pages, as well as from links below:

Emergent Accelerated Reader Set (ATOS 0.1-1.1)

Early Accelerated Reader Set (ATOS 1.2-1.7)

Transitional Accelerated Reader Set (ATOS 1.8-3.9)

MRB Early Emergent Set (Levels A-C) Running Records

MRB Emergent Set (Levels D-E) Running Records

MRB Upper Emergent Set (Levels F-H) Running Records

MRB Early Fluent Set (Levels I-M) Running Records

Nonfiction/Informational Collection

Paired-Farm Collection

Reading Recovery® Approved Book List