The Nonfiction / Informational 50 Title Collection

6-PK Each of 50 Titles (300 Books) (PKNIC50): $1,500.00
1 Each of 50 Titles (NIC50): $250.00
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Children are naturally fascinated by the world around them. Helping them learn more about that world increases their background knowledge. A young student who has wide, general knowledge about the world has a good foundation for learning. Academic success later in life builds on that foundation. Introducing students to nonfiction/informational texts early can turn a reluctant reader into a curious, enthusiastic one! Read a sample book before you buy.

The Nonfiction/Informational Collection includes titles appropriate for Early Emergent to Early Fluent readers, at an MRB Best Value price.

This 50-title Nonfiction/Informational Collection includes the six titles from Let’s Explore, four titles from Around the Pond, eight titles from Favorite Farm Animals, two titles from My Yard, four titles from In the Woods, eight titles from At the Aquarium, 16 titles from the At the Zoo Collection, and the two Danny Science 10×8″ lap-sized books. All titles are available for purchase as individual books, 6-packs of the same title, or as the complete set.



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