Preschool Products

Our preschool products get young children ready for learning with meaningful activities that help them build the skills required to succeed in a classroom.

Izzy using Danny + Bee Journal

Our early childhood teaching units and kits help young students develop self-sufficiency, emotional awareness, and empathy.

Our Critical Thinking Cards provide the perfect opportunity for students to practice language skills by stimulating meaningful conversation in the classroom. Using the images on the cards, ask students open-ended questions and guide the thinking process. Have children draw on their existing knowledge and experience, and use problem-solving skills, to compare and contrast ideas, explain why things happen, and understand the perspectives of others.

Reading, and writing are connected parts of early literacy learning. When young children learn about reading, they learn about writing. And when they learn more about writing, it helps them learn more about reading. Writing requires students to combine fine motor skills, language, memory, and concentration. Becoming proficient requires practice! The Danny and Bee Writing Journals help make that fun!

The ability to sequence events is another important reading skill. It is key to comprehension, especially for narrative texts. Having students identify the components of a story — the beginning, middle, and end — and retell the events in the order in which they occurred is an excellent sequencing activity. Our Story Sequencing Cards can help too!  Sequencing is also an important component of students being able to solve problems across other subjects.