The Visual Sequence of Comics is Appealing to Young Readers 

Graphic novels (or Story Strips) are a casual mix of illustrations and text. They contain the same story elements and literary devices as narrative stories and are a different way to encourage students to practice their reading. The pictures in graphic novels are a great source for helping to teach inference. With Story Strips, readers rely on the dialogue and illustrations. They must infer what is not written.

All About Danny

Danny and Abby are Friends

Danny y Abby son amigos

Danny and the Little Worm

Dannys Birthday Wishes

Dannys Tadpole

I Am Danny

Ornithologist Danny

Soy Danny

Super Danny

Super Danny- Spanish

The Woods

After reading Danny and the Little Worm, learn more about earthworms and make a worm story strip with what you know!

Linking reading and writing is important and adding speech bubbles to photos can be a fun writing prompt. Use our FREE multiple page download of writing, storytelling, and sequencing activities to engage students. Download pictures with speech bubbles from favorite MaryRuth Books titles Moving and Danny and Dad Go on a Picnic and encourage students to create their own graphic stories.