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Read favorite MRB titles as digital books… anytime and from anywhere

The MRB eBook75 Membership allows each student on the educator’s invitation list to have access to any of the 75 titles included in the eBook Membership at all times. No more checking books in and out, or waiting for titles to be available. Read a sample before you buy.

Memberships are available for one teacher and six students ($45.00 annually) or one teacher and 30 students ($120.00 annually). If you need to add a student to your membership, please call our office. Extra memberships are $15.00 each.

Memberships are valid for one 12-month period from the date of purchase. They do not automatically renew, but you will have the option of renewing as the Membership approaches the end of its 12-month period. After you complete your purchase you will receive a Thank You for Your Order email to welcome you to your eBook Membership. Remember to check your SPAM filter if you don’t see the email. Have questions? Click our FAQs.

Purchasing a Membership for Someone Else

While purchasing, you will be asked to select the membership option and name your team. If you are purchasing the Membership(s) for someone other than yourself, you must have that person’s name and email address when you make your purchase. If you are purchasing for yourself, you (as the Owner) will automatically be the Team Manager. Each membership purchased must include a team name, a teacher’s name, and the teacher’s email address. Without this information, a teacher will not have managerial control of their membership and will not be able to invite students. For step-by-step instructions for a membership, click here.

Getting Started with Your eBook Membership

Need help getting your account set up? Click here. You can edit team members throughout the year if a classroom situation changes, as long as the total number of members does not exceed the Membership type (six students or 30 students). For step-by-step help with adding Members click here.

eBook75 Companion Set

Companion Books Set 

Purchase the Companion Books Set to allow students to practice their reading with traditional printed copies of the titles included in the eBook75 Membership.

If you have questions or need help, we’re just an email away: admin@maryruthbooks.com.

A list of the 75 titles included in the eBook Membership is available for download. Lesson Plans and Running Records are also available.


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2 reviews for eBook75 Membership

  1. Jennifer Robinson jrobinson (verified owner)

    I am such a fan of the books; my students and I get so much joy from the Danny books! I had no idea but through the posters, stickers, books, etc. Danny has inspired me to have a dog-themed classroom. No wonder I miss being there so much!

  2. Sally Giannini (verified owner)

    Thank you very much! I have taught many kids over many years with Mia’s books. I keep in touch with some of my former Reading Recovery students, who are now grown; and they always mention “Danny”. (It’s usually “Ohhh, Danny.”) I am excited to have access to the e-books to introduce more students to Danny.

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