Make integrating MaryRuth Books into your classroom library easy by downloading our printable label sheets. You and your readers can easily locate the right book for the desired level, master it, and move up to the next.

Our label sheets include both Intervention/Reading Recovery® and Fountas & Pinnell reading levels.


Download and Print Book Labels

Print labels for the books in your classroom reading library by selecting from the set options below.
Level labels are formatted to print on the Avery Easy Peel® 5160 Labels template.

Download & Print
Danny Sets 1-5

  • Get to Know Danny
  • More Fun with Danny
  • Meet Danny
  • Danny is Back
  • Danny! Danny! Danny!

Download & Print
Danny Sets 6-10

  • Danny Returns
  • Danny Days
  • Hot Diggity Danny
  • Dynamo Danny
  • Oh, Danny Boy

Download & Print
Danny and Grandma Ruth
Danny and Heather Share
Danny Sets 11-13

  • Here Comes Norman
  • Danny by the Dozen
  • Lucky Danny

Download & Print
Danny Chapter Books

  • The Adventures of Super Danny and Bat-Bee
  • The Fort
  • Camping Out
  • Danny’s Big Adventure
  • Locked In
  • The Lost Dog
  • Moving
  • A Week at Grandma Ruth’s

Download & Print
Baby Elephant Stories -Set of 6 Illustrated Fiction Titles

Fish Stories -Set of 5 Fiction Titles

Lucky the Pony -Set of 4 Fiction Titles

Download & Print
Down on the Farm -Set of Illustrated Fiction Titles

Favorite Farm Animals -Set of Informational Titles

Download & Print
At the Zoo Collection -Set of 12 Nonfiction/Informational Titles

  • At the Zoo, Set 1
  • At the Zoo, Set 2
  • At the Zoo, Set 3

Download & Print
Nonfiction/Informational Sets

  • Let’s Explore Set
  • Around the Pond Set
  • In the Woods with Danny and Bee Set
  • In My Yard Set
  • Scientist Danny Set
  • Danny and the Monarch Butterfly
  • Danny’s Special Tree