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The MRB Menagerie includes one copy each of our 199 titles. New titles that are included in the Menagerie set are: Chicken School, Duck, Duck, Goose, Donkeys, Duck Wants to Swim, Donkey Goes Home, the Her Name is Lola set of books, and Danny’s Short Vowel Sounds set of books.

The MRB Menagerie includes a copy of each title in the 14 Danny sets, the four titles in Scientist Danny, the six titles in Danny and Grandma Ruth, a copy of Danny and Heather Share, as well as, the nine Danny’s Big Adventure Chapter Books. Titles featuring other MRB characters like Baby Elephant, the Chickens and the Fox, Down on the Farm Friends, Fish, Lola, and Lucky the Pony are part of the Menagerie too, as well as the lap-size books Danny and the Monarch Butterfly and Danny’s Special Tree. And, just for fun, we’re throwing in Danny and Norman’s Favorite Knock Knock Jokes, ABC Danny, Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Dannyand Danny’s Short Vowel Sounds set of books.

There are 50 nonfiction/informational titles in the MRB Menagerie, including all of Around the Pond, At the Zoo, At the Aquarium Set 1 and Set 2, Favorite Farm Animals, In My Yard, Let’s Explore, and the four book set of In the Woods with Danny and Bee.

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