Her Name is Lola Set

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Available October 1st

Her Name is Lola is a set of 5 leveled titles that follow the adventures of an orange cat named Lola. The titles, Lola Looks Up, Lola is Feeling Hungry , and My Cat, Lola are appropriate for Early Emergent readers (F&P levels A-C, Reading Recovery® levels 1-4). Emergent readers (F&P levels D-E, Reading Recovery® levels 5-8) will enjoy Lola and the Frog. As their reading skills improve, Lola’s Lost Collar (F&P level F, Reading Recovery® level 9) can be read by Upper Emergent readers. The increasing levels of reading difficulty serve to challenge and encourage progressing readers as they want to continue to see what happens to Lola. Titles in the set range from Early Emergent to Emergent  levels, encouraging early readers to continue practicing and progressing in order to follow the adventures of the familiar characters.

Early Emergent Readers, Levels A-C

Early Emergent readers benefit from books about familiar topics that use carefully controlled text and repeated vocabulary.  Illustrations are important keys to readers at this level, supporting the decoding of new words. Early Emergent readers are still building a vocabulary of high-frequency words. Having a large vocabulary of frequently used words enables reading that is more fluent and sounds like natural speaking language.

Lola Looks Up is a B leveled reader, based on independent evaluation by Fountas & Pinnell using the F&P Text Level GradientLevel B titles typically feature simple characters and colorful pictures that support the printed text. The vocabulary is already familiar to the reader and most pages have just two to five lines of text, with phrases that are repetitive, to help children build confidence as they read. Level B titles can also be helpful tools in supporting and encouraging students who are struggling or reluctant to read.

Lola is Feeling Hungry and My Cat, Lola are appropriate books for students reading at level C. These readers are able to match spoken words to the printed words with their eyes. Level C readers notice punctuation and begin to use expression and phrasing in their reading, as their comprehension skills continue to improve. They understand and can identify a simple sequence of events in the story. These readers have a wider range of high-frequency words in their vocabulary and are able to self-correct while reading. Pictures remain important keys, helping in the decoding of new words.

Emergent Readers, Levels D-E

Lola and the Frog is typical of a level D title (for Emergent readers) where an animal character is having a human experience. In the story, Lola exhibits emotions, talks, and has the ability to reason. The printed text is still strongly supported by the photos, but Emergent readers no longer relies as heavily on a repetitive language pattern. The vocabulary and themes remain familiar, but readers are now able to examine them in more depth.

Emergent readers have a good understanding of the alphabet and early phonics that help them decode unknown words. They are developing comprehension skills and word-attack strategies, and are comfortable with a significant number of high-frequency words. Emergent readers are more flexible in their ability to handle varied placement of text on a page and understand most punctuation. They’re also able to recognize that reading has a variety of purposes and reading different kinds of books is enjoyable for distinct reasons. Readers at the Emergent level are able to understand a wider range of punctuation and can read dialogue, reflecting the meaning through their phrasing. They’re also able to recognize and understand inflectional endings, like s and ing, and the effect those endings have on root words.

Upper Emergent Readers, Levels F-H

Stories for Upper Emergent Readers are more literary, with less repetition in the text structure. Lola’s Lost Collar is appropriate for readers at this level. They are able to process dialogue and reflect it through appropriate word stress and phrasing. Plots and characters can be more elaborate for these readers.

Print labels for the Her Name is Lola set of books in your classroom reading library. Level labels are formatted to print on the Avery Easy Peel® 5160 Labels template.


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