Levels A-C MRB Early Emergent Reading Set

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1 Each of 66 Titles (MRBEE66): $330.00
6-PK Each of 66 Titles (396 Books) (PKMRBEE66): $1,980.00
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The MaryRuth Books Early Emergent Reading Set is a leveled reading set of 66 MaryRuth Books fiction and nonfiction titles. The books have been evaluated and leveled by Fountas & Pinnell, using the  F&P Text Level Gradient™ and support the guided reading method of teaching reading.  Titles in this set range in levels from A-C, making them appropriate for Early Emergent readers. Read a sample book before you buy.

The Early Emergent Reading Set is suggested for aspiring readers who are developing knowledge about letters and their corresponding sounds, as well as learning basic reading concepts, like reading left to right and top to bottom.

Readers at this level are beginning to make the one-to-one connection between individual words, that are spoken, and the words printed on a page. Texts that use high frequency words and sentences written in a pattern are helpful. Early Emergent readers also rely heavily on pictures and contextual clues to support their understanding of the text.

Fountas & Pinnell Label Sheets

Make organizing MaryRuth Books Guided Reading Sets easy by downloading our printable Fountas & Pinnell label sheets. Level labels are formatted to print on the Avery Easy Peel® 5160 Labels template.

Each title in the MaryRuth Books Early Emergent Reading Set has a corresponding lesson plan and running record available as a FREE download. The link for each title’s downloads can be found on the individual product page. Or download a complete set of lesson plans or running records for all 66 titles through the links on this page.


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4 reviews for Levels A-C MRB Early Emergent Reading Set

  1. Beth

    Your books are wonderful! I am putting in an order. Thank you, Beth.
    -Title 1 Teacher, Virginia, IL

  2. Cheryl Thompson

    I use Mary Ruth books daily. I like the Early Emergent books due to the high interest level of my students and the use of high frequency words. They also are good books to use for conversation to get the students talking and writing about. I love the Grandma Ruth with Danny books.

  3. Barb

    I use MaryRuth Books all the time. My favorites are in the Early Emergent series because of the high interest and great links to high frequency words. I do not have the whole collection by any means but some of my favorites are: Danny’s Bee—gets the students talking, I am Danny, My Yard, Danny Goes For a Walk, and Danny Can Sort.

  4. Linda Beal (verified owner)

    If I remember correctly, Mia was trained in Reading Recovery. I was a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader for many years and perhaps that is why her books resonate so much. There are so few companies that truly understand how to consider font, print layout, sight words, picture support, sentence structure and engage readers the way your books do. We did a complete overhaul of our classroom libraries about 10 years ago and we have nearly all your books across our K-2 as part of our libraries and all your characters are like family members to our students. Whatever we can do to keep the students’ literacy on track while connecting with their favorite characters during remote learning will be a win/win.

    Thank you for all you do!

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