Danny Leveled Set D

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The Danny Leveled Set D is a leveled reading set of 22 Danny titles: Danny and Bee’s Book of Opposites, Cookies for Danny, Dandelion Danny, Danny and the Corn Maze, Danny Likes to Help, Danny’s Birthday Wishes, Danny’s Five Senses, Danny’s Hair is Everywhere, Danny’s Tadpoles, Danny’s Timeline, Grandma Ruth Feeds Her Friends, Bats in Danny’s House, A Birthday for Danny’s Bee, Danny and Dad Read, Danny and the Little Bunny, Danny’s Castle, Danny’s Game of Sink or Float, Hold Still, Danny!, Danny and Bee Play Together, Danny Likes Apples, Danny’s Picture Day, and Oh No, Norman!  The books have been evaluated and leveled by Fountas & Pinnell, using the  F&P Text Level Gradient™ and support the guided reading method of teaching reading. 

Danny Level D titles are appropriate for Emergent readers (Levels D-E). Emergent readers have a good understanding of the alphabet and early phonics that help them decode unknown words. They are developing comprehension skills and word-attack strategies, and are comfortable with a significant number of high-frequency words. Text is still strongly supported by illustrations. The vocabulary and themes of books at this level are typically familiar to the reader.

For Emergent readers, voice‐print matching is smooth and automatic. They no longer track text with their fingers. They’re able to read pages with increased sentence complexity. Emergent readers are more flexible in their ability to handle varied placement of text on a page and understand most punctuation. Text can include prepositional phrases, adjectives, simple contractions, and possessive words (using apostrophes). Some of the sentences on a page can be longer (containing more than six words) and carry over to a second line of text. Readers at this level are able to consistently self-monitor, and cross‐check other sources of information to self‐correct while they are reading.

Each title in Danny Level D titles has a corresponding lesson plan and running record available as a FREE download. The link for each title’s downloads can be found on the individual product page. Or download a complete set of lesson plans or running records for the 22 titles through the links on this page.



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