Reading Recovery® Approved Books

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1 each of 181 Titles (RR181): $905.00
6-pk each of 181 Titles (1086 books) (PKRR181): $5,430.00
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There are 181 titles in the Reading Recovery® Approved Books set, including books in the fiction, nonfiction, and informational categories. All titles feature original photography or illustrations. Buying the books as a set is a MaryRuth Books best value. The unit cost of each book is $5.00 when purchased as the set.

Print a complete list of books included in the Reading Recovery® Approved Books set.

All titles included in the Reading Recovery® Approved Books set have been or are being field-tested by the Reading Recovery® Council of North America. Books range from Reading Recovery® Level 1 to Level 22.

Each title in this set also has a corresponding running record and lesson plan available as a free download.

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4 reviews for Reading Recovery® Approved Books

  1. Michelle Simpson

    Thank you for making my Reading Recovery students fall in love with reading! If it were up to them, they’d only choose Danny books. They also love getting on Facebook to see new pictures and videos. Danny, Norman, Bee and Abby have played a big part in inspiring my young readers to become lifelong readers. For this, I am forever grateful.

  2. ~ Kristin Raap, Reading Recovery Teacher

    My student Lilly has fallen in love with Danny books this year! She has learned to read with expression and laughs at all the funny parts of your books. Thanks for making kids “want” to read. Attached is a picture of Lilly and our school therapy dog, Wrangler.

  3. Jennifer Robinson, First Grade Teacher

    I have been a reading teacher for 27 years, and I have never found a character or a series of books that alights the imaginations of my students like the Danny books. I was lucky enough to discover them last year, and the kids were so excited about each new Danny adventure that I shared with the class. Even better, there were so many Danny books that emergent readers could read with success. My students got a great deal of enjoyment out of reading about Danny, writing stories about him, and drawing pictures of Danny and all of his friends. Their enthusiasm for the stories has inspired me to dedicate a portion of my classroom as “Danny’s Reading Corner,” which will feature every Danny book I can get my hands on and stuffed versions of Danny and his friends for students to read to. Thank you MaryRuth books for providing these fabulous, sweet, engaging stories. There are such a wonderful way to help foster a lifelong love of reading!

  4. Ann Mulvey

    I was a RR teacher before retiring eight years ago. I bought many Danny books and moved them all with me when I retired. Since then, I have read the books with a neighbor boy and used them when I volunteered at a nearby school. Bee was always a favorite in my classroom and in retirement.
    Now I have two grandsons who also love Bee. Alistair is not yet two, but could identify which books had Dad as a character. He also pointed and said NO while reading BEE: THE BEGINNING. And he also exclaimed OH NO before I could turn the page showing Bee covered in mud. When we FaceTime with Al, he always requests to see Bee (the stuffed guy) before saying hello to us.
    Our younger grandson Charlie lives nearby and just turned one. Bee goes on every stroller ride and car ride. Charlie’s favorite Danny book is DANNY LIKES RED. The apple page cracks him up every time.
    When I taught I loved Danny books, my students liked the books and so did their parents. Now I can share the joy with my little guys. Thanks for such lovely books.

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