Ornithologist Danny

Single Book (S44-207-9): $5.35
6-Pack (PKS44-207-9): $31.00
Size: 5.75 x 5.75
Word Count: 64
Pages: 16
Level: C/4
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Danny science books are simple informational texts that explain basic ideas about nature and science. Each book contains original photography and gently introduces young readers to the sciences that study the natural world and the relationships between organisms and their environments.

Ornithologist Danny is the newest title in the set Scientist Danny. Danny is looking for birds in his yard. Birds are easy for children to observe and entertaining for them to watch. Reading and talking about birds is also a fun way for young students to practice color words.

Reading informational books, like Ornithologist Danny, provides a different type of literacy benefit to early readers. Reading informational books can help develop a student’s general knowledge of the world, which increases comprehension skills. Informational texts also have the potential to motivate children to read more as they research their own interests. Encouraging students to explore a broad array of informational texts can help them see that the real world is as interesting and amazing as any fictional one.

Ornithologist Danny is a C leveled reader, in the Early Emergent category (Levels A-C). It is an appropriate reading book for children who are beginning readers, or for those who are struggling or reluctant to read.

Early Emergent readers benefit from books about familiar topics that use carefully controlled text and repeated vocabulary. Pictures are important keys to readers at this level, supporting the decoding of new words. Early Emergent readers are still building a vocabulary of frequently used words. Having a large vocabulary of frequently used words enables reading that is more fluent and sounds like natural speaking language. We offer many fiction and nonfiction/informational leveled readers, suggested and used by Reading Recovery® and Guided Reading educators, when teaching Early Emergent readers.

The titles in Scientist Danny range in guided reading levels from C to F, making the collection appropriate for early emergent and upper emergent readers. The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) has a range of from 3-8 for the set, making it an economical way to engage early readers and encourage their advancement. For more specific information on levels, please see the main product pages for each of the 4 individual titles in the set. Titles include Ornithologist Danny, Botanist Danny, Geologist Danny, and Entomologist Danny.

The suffix logist comes from the Greek word logy, which means “the study of.” Words ending in ologist indicate a person “who studies” something, often an academic subject.












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