Scientist Danny Set

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Single Book Each Title (4 Books) (SDS4): $22.00
6-PK Each Title (24 Books) (PKSDS4): $132.00
Size: 5.75 x 5.75
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Danny is a scientist. He enjoys exploring his yard and the world around him. The titles in the Scientist Danny Set include Ornithologist Danny, Botanist Danny, Geologist Danny, and Entomologist Danny. Secondly, as Ornithologist Danny, Danny observes different colored birds in his yard. As Botanist Danny, Danny studies the plants in his yard. Thirdly, as Geologist Danny, Danny collects rocks in his yard. And finally, as Entomologist Danny, Danny explores the insects in his yard.

The books in the Scientist Danny Set are part of the Danny Science Books series of simple texts that explain basic ideas about nature and science. Each book contains original photography and gently introduces young readers to the sciences that study the natural world and the relationships between organisms and their environments. The suffix –logist comes from the Greek word logy, which means “the study of.” Words ending in ologist indicate a person “who studies” something, often an academic subject.

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4 reviews for Scientist Danny Set

  1. Melissa

    I am beginning my third year of teaching first grade in South Washington County. The students LOVE Danny! We have so much success in using these because the students have fun discussing them. I integrate science and math into my literacy as much as possible, so any book with topics related to these subjects is helpful. The look of the Danny books are great! The font is the perfect size, the photos are fun, and the titles are clear. Thank you for these excellent resources!

  2. Nancy

    I love all aspects of your books and am especially grateful for the new non fiction books you have put out and are continuing to create.

  3. Carol

    I like the real pictures. Kids see those and are interested right away. I also really like the book fonts. Easy to read and and spacing between letters and words is perfect.

  4. Suzanne

    Thank you SO much for all of this but ESPECIALLY for the Ornithologist Danny story strip! I am a Reading Specialist and Reading Recovery teacher now doing it all online and this is just fantastic resource that I can use for individuals and groups so easily!

    Thanks for your wonderful resources for all these years!

    Be well,


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