Danny Set 06 – Danny Returns

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Danny Returns is a set of six titles, following the adventures of Danny and his friends. The titles include: Danny and Abby Play Hospital, Super Danny, Puppy Danny, Danny’s Bee (the beginning), Danny Goes For a Walk, and Danny at the Car Wash.

Looking for more Danny? The Danny Collection (DC100) of 100 books includes: a copy of each title in the 14 Danny sets, the four titles in Scientist Danny, the six titles in Danny and Grandma Ruth, the four titles in In the Woods with Danny and Bee set, and a copy each of Danny and Heather Share and Danny and Norman’s Favorite Knock Knock Jokes. The collection is designed to help young children become successful, strategic readers and writers.

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2 reviews for Danny Set 06 – Danny Returns

  1. Cheryl

    The look of the Mary Ruth books is very engaging to the students. The books have real pictures with lots of bright fun colors. The book size is nice for our small 1st grade hands. The ongoing characters leads the reader to enjoy the next book and make connections from the prior reads.

  2. Traci

    My students love animal characters. They especially love Danny because he reminds them of their dog, their friends dog, a dog that they might have in their lives.

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