ATOS 1.2-1.7 Accelerated Reader® Early Reader Set

Single Book (32) (AR-Early32): $160.00
6-Pack (PKAR-Early32): $960.00
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Accelerated Reader® is a reading management software program developed to help educators assess a student’s reading level and test his/her comprehension. Students select books at their reading level from the Accelerated Reader® book list, read independently, and take a comprehension test that is available on the computer. For educators using the program in the classroom, the software also provides additional information about reading rates, amount of time spent reading, and other factors related to a student’s reading progress.

Books are evaluated using the ATOS (Advantage- TASA Open Standard) Readability Formula. ATOS levels represent the difficulty or readability of the text and range from 0.1 (least difficult) to 20.0 (most difficult). For help in selecting the right book for a child, parents should ask their child’s teacher to provide the child’s reading level.

The titles in the MRB Accelerated Reader® Early Reader Set have been evaluated and leveled by Accelerated Reader®. For parents wanting information on the Accelerated Reader® program, please click hereClick here to download level labels for your Accelerated Reader® Early Reader Set, formatted to print on Avery 5160 labels.


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