Danny and Grandma Ruth Books

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Danny and Grandma Ruth is a set of 6 titles, featuring Danny and Grandma Ruth. Danny loves to visit Grandma Ruth at her house. When he visits he helps her feed the farm animals, work in the garden, and look for her lost glasses. Danny loves the cookies Grandma Ruth bakes for him. In At Grandma Ruth’s House, Danny explains why he likes to visit her so much. His last reason is the best reason of all.

Danny is a handsome yellow Labrador Retriever and beloved family member of MaryRuth Books author and company founder, Mia Coulton. Since 2001, Danny and Mia have been helping children learn to read. MaryRuth Books titles are evaluated and leveled by early literacy education experts Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell, using the F&P Text Level Gradient™. The books have been designed to support the guided reading method of teaching reading and range in difficulty from Early Emergent to Early Fluent.

Make integrating MaryRuth Books into your classroom library easy by downloading our printable label sheets that include both Intervention/Reading Recovery® and Fountas & Pinnell reading levels. Level labels are formatted to print on the Avery Easy Peel® 5160 Labels template.

MaryRuth Books titles have also been reviewed and certified by Reading Recovery®, with many titles being included on the official Reading Recovery® Approved Book List.

Over 100 MaryRuth Books titles have also been evaluated by Accelerated Reader®, using their ATOS (Advantage- TASA Open Standard) Readability Formula to determine readability. Using the ATOS information, young readers can select books at their own level for independent reading. After reading, Accelerated Reader® has simple tests for each book, available online to measure the reader’s comprehension.

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