My Very Own Mini Bee

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My Very Own Mini Bee, at 4″, tall is a great addition to your classroom and family.

Welcome the stuffed versions of Danny and his friends into the classroom and put them to work as reading and writing tools. Studies have demonstrated that stuffed animals can make great “book hooks.” The favorite stuffed character can also be a patient audience for a student practicing fluency by reading aloud. For younger students, stuffed animals can offer social and emotional support, as well as celebrate character traits.

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1 review for My Very Own Mini Bee

  1. Ann Mulvey (verified owner)

    I was a RR teacher before retiring eight years ago. I bought many Danny books and moved them all with me when I retired. Since then, I have read the books with a neighbor boy and used them when I volunteered at a nearby school. Bee was always a favorite in my classroom and in retirement.

    Now I have two grandsons who also love Bee. Alistair is not yet two, but could identify which books had Dad as a character. He also pointed and said NO while reading BEE: THE BEGINNING. And he also exclaimed OH NO before I could turn the page showing Bee covered in mud. When we Face Time with Al, he always requests to see Bee (the stuffed guy) before saying hello to us.

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