Levels F-H MRB Upper Emergent Reading Set

1 Each of 40 Titles (MRBUE40): $200.00
6-PK Each Title (240 Books) (PKMRBUE40): $1,200.00
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The MaryRuth Books Upper Emergent Reading Set consists of  40 fiction and nonfiction titles, ranging from levels F-H. The books have been evaluated and leveled by Fountas & Pinnell, using the F&P Text Level Gradient™ and support the guided reading method of teaching reading. Titles in this set include Danny at the Car Wash, Danny Paints a Picture, Danny and Bee’s Safety Rules, and more.

The Upper Emergent Reading Set is suggested for readers who can use a range of word‐solving strategies to decode unknown words. For students reading at this level, early reading behaviors, like left‐to‐right directionality and voice‐print match, are completely automatic. When reading aloud, they are able to read at an appropriate rate, with conversational phrasing, intonation, and word stress.

Make organizing MaryRuth Books Guided Reading Sets easy by downloading our printable Fountas & Pinnell label sheets. Level labels are formatted to print on the Avery Easy Peel® 5160 Labels template.


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