Danny and Dad Go Shopping

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Size: 5.5 x 5.5
Word Count: 69
Pages: 16
Level: C/4
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In Danny and Dad Go Shopping, Danny and Dad go shopping at the pet store. Danny sees many things he would like to buy. What does Dad let Danny put in the cart? Danny and Dad Go Shopping, part of Meet Danny Set 3, is a C leveled, Early Emergent Reader.

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1 review for Danny and Dad Go Shopping

  1. Alaina E., Special Education Teacher

    I am a Special Education Teacher and I wanted to let you know how your ‘Danny’ books have helped one of my students. My student is a 2nd grader who is learning disabled. Along with this, he has struggled over the years to behave correctly and complete his work. This is the first year he has ever read a book. It is because of Danny. He loves the real pictures and how we’re following Danny through the events in his life. The consistency of the writing allows him to feel comfortable when starting a new Danny book. He wants to know more about Danny, such as why he can’t see dad’s face in the pictures and why you’re not in the pictures if you’re the author. I told him I would write to you for more information. While we understand that you are a busy author, nothing would make this little boy happier than to know that he contacted an author. This kind of an accomplishment would help him to strive to be a better student and continue to work hard to overcome his disability. I would personally like to thank you for writing these books with a student’s needs in mind.

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