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Introducing the Her Name is Lola Gift Set. The set includes a My Very Own Lola, soft and made for cuddling, with her set of six titles. My Very Own Lola is 4′′ tall and measures 8′′ from her pink nose to the tip of her tail. She comes with her pink dotted ribbon collar and brown felt bell, embroidered in gold.

The six leveled titles follow the adventures of an orange cat named Lola. The Her Name is Lola Gift Set includes: Lola Looks Up, Lola is Feeling Hungry, My Cat, Lola, What Can Lola See?, Lola and the Frog, and Lola’s Lost Collar. The gift set comes with the six books packaged, with a plush Lola, in a white polka-dot bag.

Her Name is Lola Books can be found in the following Sets and Collections:
Coordinating Activities:
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Additional gift sets featuring plush companions and coordinating books are also available for Super Danny, Porter The Therapy Dog, and Puppy Norman.


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