Early Childhood Kits

Get young children ready for learning with meaningful activities that help them build the skills required to succeed in a classroom, gain self-confidence, and develop a love of learning. Each of the two MRB specially-themed early childhood teaching units consists of six lap-sized (8.5 x 8.5″) books and a coordinating set of detailed, hands-on lesson plans, tailored to teach the principles of self-sufficiency, emotional awareness, and empathy that is demonstrated in the set of books.

Unit 1, All About Me helps children develop self-awareness as they discuss what is unique about themselves and what they have in common with classmates.

Unit 2, Playing and Learning Together teaches children important social skills like cooperation, compassion, and conflict resolution.

Any of the lap-sized books may also be purchased individually and are perfect to use with the corresponding smaller books for small group reading with older students.