About Fluent Readers

Fluent Readers read for meaning. They are able to extend their general knowledge by reading a wide range of longer, more complex texts, across a variety of genre. Fluent Readers are also called self-extending readers. With every book a self-extending reader reads, they learn more about reading. It is a system that fuels increased learning and a love of reading. The final goal for a Fluent Reader is silent reading and complete independence, with books they choose for themselves.

Characteristics of Fluent Readers

Generally, Fluent Readers tend to:

  • Use all sources of information flexibly
  • Solve problems independently
  • Read with proper phrasing and fluency
  • Read for meaning and learn from reading
  • Extend their understanding by reading a wide range of texts for different purposes
  • Read much longer, more complex texts
  • Read a variety of genre

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