Level K

Level K readers are able to process a wide variety of texts and genres. Level K readers automatically recognize a large number of high-frequency words, and quickly use word-solving strategies for complex spelling patterns, multisyllable words, compound words, and many words with inflectional endings, plurals, contractions, possessives, prefixes, and suffixes. They read silently during independent reading, but when reading out loud, they are able to demonstrate appropriate rate, phrasing, intonation, and word stress.

At Level K, readers process texts with complex sentences and dialogue. With early reading skills under control, readers can follow more complex story lines with multiple characters or abstract concepts (time and space). Level K readers understand dimensional characters, identify with them, and feel empathy. They can talk about a character’s motivations and feelings, and can sometimes predict what may happen next based on knowledge of the characters or the type of story they’re reading.