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About Reading Recovery®

Reading Recovery® is a short-term intervention for first graders having difficulty with early reading and writing. Developing reading and writing skills are essential to successful learning. When struggling readers are identified, implementing the Reading Recovery® program, as early as possible, can help students reach grade-level standard. Strong literacy teaching benefits the entire school.

How Reading Recovery® Works

Schools that have a Reading Recovery® program will have teachers on staff who are specially trained in Reading Recovery®. Students meet on their own with a certified Reading Recovery® teacher for 30 minutes every school day for a period of 12-20 weeks.

The one-to-one instruction enables the teacher to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Sessions are discontinued once the student demonstrates that he/she is able to work independently in the classroom and use skills that correspond with their grade level. Progress as a whole is measured by the Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement.

Success of Reading Recovery®

Reading Recovery® was founded in New Zealand and has since been implemented in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

According to Reading Recovery Works, approximately 72% of students who receive Reading Recovery® intervention are able to read at grade level upon completion of the program. Of those students, 99% do not require a referral for special education.

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