danny the yellow lab

Danny, the Yellow Labrador Retriever

Birthday: April 18
Favorite Treat: Velveeta Cheese

Danny, a handsome yellow Labrador Retriever, is a beloved family member of MaryRuth Books author and company founder, Mia Coulton. In 2001, he made his initial appearance in Mia’s first book, Halloween Danny. Since then, Danny has been having adventures, making friends, and teaching young readers about life… all with a sense of humor. Along with his toy, Bee, Danny even has an alter ego as a superhero! Children can have their own plush Danny. He makes a wonderful reading companion and keeper of secrets.

What is Danny like?
Loyal, compassionate, optimistic
Who are Danny’s best friends?
His brother Norman, Abby, and his toy Bee
What are Danny’s Favorite Adventures?
  • Spy Danny
  • Danny Meets Norman
  • Danny at the Car Wash
  • Danny’s Rocket
  • Danny and Norman Build a Snowman
  • The Adventures of Super Danny and Bat-Bee

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