Although teachers love the choice of words, carefully constructed phrases, and font styling that help their students read successfully, for the readers the magic is in the beloved characters to whom they can easily relate… sharing their adventures, struggles, and celebrations.

Please sample our books online, cover to coverGet to know the MaryRuth Books characters and see why teachers, parents, and, most importantly, children have fallen in love with them. Have questions?

danny the yellow lab


Trustworthy, compassionate and loyal… Danny’s adventures have been captivating young readers since 2001. Get to know him and his friends.

Meet Danny

Abby and Danny Tea_641x230


Abby likes tea parties and using her imagination to play make believe. Kind and wise, Abby has taught Danny to be accepting of cats.

Meet Abby

Meet Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

Sweet and innocent… Baby Elephant is curious and ready to learn about the world, just like many young readers. Read about Baby Elephant’s adventures.

Meet Baby Elephant

Dannys Bee_641x230


Bee is, first and foremost, busy! Imaginative and daring, Bee is always up for any adventure with Danny.

Meet Bee


The Chickens and the Fox

The fox spends all of his time calculating and conniving. But together, the chickens are far too smart for his tricks. At least so far…

Meet the Chickens and the Fox

Fish Character 641x230


Fish is one of Danny’s oldest friends. They have known each other since fish was in school. Fish is talented and loves to perform.

Meet Fish


Lola may seem aloof, at first. Comfortable being on her own, she also loves meeting new friends. Even though her days are busy, she’s always well-groomed and fashionable.

Meet Lola

Lucky the Pony_641x230

Lucky the Pony

Meet Lucky the Pony! He is gentle, playful, and full of mischief! Lucky the Pony loves apples, but he hates baths.

Meet Lucky the Pony

Puppy Norman with Danny_641x230


Norman has a great sense of smell. He also loves knock-knock jokes! Although Norman is no longer a puppy, Danny is still a patient big brother.

Meet Norman