The Chickens and the Fox Set

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6-PK Each Title (42 Books) (PKCFS7): $216.00
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Since meeting the chickens and the fox in the first title of the popular series, The Chickens and the Fox, young readers have seen the sly fox try over and over to outwit the clever chickens. In Who’s in the Chicken Coop?, the fox barely escapes detection when he disguises himself as a chicken and sneaks into the coop. He’s at it again in The Drone. This time going hi-tech! And in Chicken Guard Dog, the chickens must get help from their best friend, as they catch the fox digging a tunnel into the chicken yard. Not easily discouraged, the fox next tries to bounce his way to success in The Trampoline. The chickens have to be ready for everything, even a mysterious pizza delivery man knocking at their coop. The newest title in the set, Chicken School, let’s readers see that even little chicks are smart!

The Chickens and the Fox is a set of 7 illustrated titles featuring favorite those very clever chickens from the Down on the Farm Set. Titles in the set range from Emergent to Upper Emergent levels, encouraging readers to continue practicing and progressing in order to see what the crafty fox will try next.

NOTE: The Chickens and Fox bag is no longer available.

Emergent Readers, Levels D-E

The Chickens and the Fox is typical of level D titles with its story of animal characters having human experiences. The chickens and the fox in the story exhibit emotions, talk, and have the ability to reason. The printed text continues to be strongly supported by the illustrations, and while the vocabulary and themes are familiar to the reader, at this level they can be examined in more depth. Additionally, Emergent readers no longer rely as heavily on repetitive language patterns.

For students reading at Level D, voice‐print matching is smooth and automatic. They no longer track text with their fingers. They’re able to read pages with up to six lines of text and increased sentence complexity. The text can include prepositional phrases, adjectives, simple contractions, and possessive words (using apostrophes). Some of the sentences on a page can be longer (containing more than six words) and carry over to a second line of text. Level D readers are able to consistently self-monitor, and cross‐check other sources of information to self‐correct while they are reading.

Emergent readers have a good understanding of the alphabet and early phonics that help them decode unknown words. They are developing comprehension skills and word-attack strategies, and are comfortable with a significant number of high-frequency words. Emergent readers are more flexible in their ability to handle varied placement of text on a page and understand most punctuation. They’re also able to recognize that reading has a variety of purposes and reading different kinds of books is enjoyable for distinct reasons. Readers at the Emergent level are able to understand a wider range of punctuation and can read dialogue, reflecting the meaning through their phrasing. They’re also able to recognize and understand inflectional endings, like s and ing, and the effect those endings have on root words.

Upper Emergent Readers, Levels F-H

Upper Emergent readers are students reading at levels F-H. Titles that fall into that category include The DroneThe TrampolineChicken SchoolWho’s in the Chicken Coop, Chicken Guard Dog, and Pizza Delivery. Upper Emergent readers recognize that reading has a variety of purposes and reading different kinds of books is enjoyable for distinct reasons. They should be reading both fiction and nonfiction/informational books at this level. MaryRuth Books offers many fiction and nonfiction/informational leveled readers, suggested and used by Reading Recovery® and Guided Reading educators, when teaching Upper Emergent readers.

Add a 2-sheet MRB Letter Set to any order for only $1.00 each set

The 8-1/2 x 11″ sheets are printed in 2-colors on sturdy 110# white index stock and designed to be a portable way for students to do letter or word work whether they’re learning at home or in the classroom. The set includes one sheet of upper case and one sheet of lower case letters, plus several blank tiles so the sheets can be customized. Vowels are printed in red. Consonants are printed in blue. The font used for the letter sheets is student-friendly. Printed dashed lines between the individual letter tiles make cutting them out easy.




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2 reviews for The Chickens and the Fox Set

  1. Kery

    Last year I discovered the Chicken and the Fox series. I will use these much more now. Who’s in the Chicken Coop? was excellent for helping one of my students become more expressive in her reading. It was a turning point for her.

  2. Lisa Kalmanash

    Dear Ms. Coulton,
    My Reading Recovery student, Melissa, loved reading the books in The Chickens and the Fox series. After reading them all, while waiting (hopefully) for additional titles, Melissa decided to write her own book featuring these characters. As you can see, she was influenced by your craft and sees herself, not only as a reader, but also an author! Thank you for inspiring many of our young readers and writers. I hope you enjoy The Sneaky Fox.

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