The Paired-Farm Collection

1 each of 10 Titles (PFC): $45.00
6-PK Each Title (60 Books) (PKPFC): $270.00
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Pairing fiction and nonfiction books exposes students to different literary formats and encourages additional learning by connecting themes. Pairing titles from different genres on the same subject also gives the reader a variety of ways to engage with the information. For young readers especially, pairing fiction and nonfiction can help them understand the attributes of each type of material.

The Paired-Farm Collection includes 5 nonfiction/informational books from the Favorite Farm Animals and 5 illustrated fiction books from Down on the Farm. You may also purchase any of the books individually or either farm set, but the paired collection is a MaryRuth Books best value.

Fountas & Pinnell Reading Level Comparison

Cats Like to Hide (C)     The Cat Wants to Play (C)

Chickens (C)     Chickens and the Fox (D)

Cows (C)     The Yellow Coat (C)

A Goat (C)     I Like Flowers (B)

Pigs (D)     Little Pig Gets Stuck (D)

Coordinating Activities
  • Practice reading, writing, and gross motor skills with the Pigs in Action worksheet.
  • Make words that mean the action is happening now by adding the -ing ending  to action words students find in the books: Pigs, Little Pig, and Little Pig Gets Stuck.
  • Students will have fun making tongue-twisters and practicing alliteration using the action words exercise on the Pigs in Action worksheet.


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