Danny’s Big Adventure Chapter Book Set

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Danny is a handsome yellow Labrador Retriever and beloved family member of MaryRuth Books author and company founder, Mia Coulton. Since 2001, Danny and Mia have been helping children learn to read. The Danny’s Big Adventure Chapter Book Set includes 9 titles, featuring Danny and his friends, that are appropriate for early fluent readers.

Early fluent readers will love reading about the exploits of Danny and his friends in this series of grown-up looking chapter books. Danny and Abby have an adventure of their own in Danny’s Big Adventure when Dad goes on a cross country trip, leaving Danny to stay at home with Abby. The next time Dad goes on a trip in A Week at Grandma Ruth’s, he takes Danny with him and Danny makes a new friend, Frank. Young readers will laugh at the big scare Danny and Dad almost get while camping in Camping Out, and they will worry with Danny when he can’t find Bee in The Fort, or when he accidentally gets locked in a school on a Saturday, in Locked In. Everyone will be rooting for canine detectives, Danny and Norman, as they try to help find The Lost DogAnd when Danny dons his red cape and swim goggles, readers will be singing along Hip Hip Hooray… Super Danny and Bat-Bee save the day! In Moving, students will understand how Danny feels when he has to figure out a way to deal with moving away from the red house and saying good-bye to his close friend, Abby. Having good friends is important. Danny is lucky to have many friends. In All My Friends we meet some of Danny’s friends. They’re all different from each other and they are different from Danny too. Danny thinks that’s just fine!

What is a Chapter Book?

Books for new readers typically have few pages, short sentences, and get help telling their simple story from plenty of pictures. As children grow in their reading ability and can follow longer and more complicated stories, chapter books are the next step. Chapter books still feature illustrations, but fewer than the books for early readers. A chapter book tells the story primarily through the text. The story is long and complex enough to be broken up into short chapters that provide natural breaking points for readers to stop and resume reading later. And many children like the grown-up feeling of  reading a book with chapters.

Each title in the Danny’s Big Adventure series of chapter books features original photography and has a storyline that is more complicated than the books leveled as early emergent and emergent. Titles in this series are written especially for early fluent readers. Early fluent readers are comfortable with books that have more pages, longer sentences, fewer pictures, and more text per page. Following Danny’s adventures throughout the Danny’s Big Adventure series encourages progressing readers to continue to practice their reading, resulting in their being able to read more smoothly, decode unknown words more quickly, and readily understand the cues given by punctuation marks.

Independent Reading for the At-Home Learner

Gail Boushey, well-know literacy author and educator, has created a resource for parents, teachers, and students  to encourage and support at-home learning. Throughout the videos, Gail provides instruction and models independent reading for students using three titles from MaryRuth Books, including the chapter book, All My Friends.

Coordinating Activities

Organize your Danny books in the classroom with a Danny Doghouse, complete with its own chalkboard roof.








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3 reviews for Danny’s Big Adventure Chapter Book Set

  1. Lettie

    I have used the Danny chapter books with my 2nd grade readers. I like to use them for fluency practice at their independent level. They are also great for exploring story structure, comparing and contrasting. The kids love the characters (Danny & Bee) and are motivated by the books which keeps them engaged and excited!

    Lettie H., Reading Specialist, High Point Elementary School, Gahanna, OH

  2. Carol

    MaryRuth Books chapter books are good for students who want to feel challenged, feel like a better reader and /or are ready for longer more difficult text.

  3. Kris

    When I learned we would not return to school, I ordered some Danny chapter books and the sticker set. I received them so quickly and I have been reading a chapter of “All My Friends” every few days and posting it on our grade level Facebook page. My students are smiling, parents are commenting how much their children love Danny and can’t wait for the next chapter…these books are keeping us close in heart during this scary time. Please accept my very heartfelt THANK YOU for sharing your loveable dog, your experiences and your talents to make the world a better place for children (and teachers).

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